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Powder Mill Valley
Walking Trails

This map shows the walking trails along Cobbs Creek in Haverford Township. Several of these trails serve as part of the Haverford Heritage Trail loop around the township.

You can zoom in and out on this map, and drag to pan around. Click on the "four corners" icon (upper right)to open a larger full-screen map, and on the small box (upper left) to open a list of trails.

The woodchip Karakung Trail (shown in yellow), was begun in 2007 and is the most popular trail in the Powder Mill Valley. It starts near the Norristown High Speed Line overpass over Manoa Road, where a macadam path goes past the Powder Mill Valley historic monument. (Another short leg provides access from the east.) It then crosses Karakung Drive, running through the field until it recrosses and heads up into the trees. It eventually passes the historic Lawrence Cabin and Nitre Hall, once the home of the Powder Master who oversaw the operation of the gunpowder mill. At the Nitre Hall driveway, it re-enters the woods until ramping down to the roadside just short of the Beechwood-Brookline railway station.

The Karakung Trail Extension (woodchip and dirt, shown in orange) heads further north from the sidewalk by the station across Mill Road and generally alongside the west side of Karakung Drive. It crosses the creek on the road bridge, then heads into the Karakung Swim Club parking lot and follows alongside and below the guard rail until it ends at the top of the curves. The extension provides a safer route to reach the Karakung Swim Club and the Little League ballfield.

On the other side of Cobbs Creek, the Powder Mill Trail (shown in dark orange) runs from the back edge of the Powder Mill Park playground along the creek bank. It leads to the end of the Johnson Road cul-de-sac and Lakeside Avenue. Farther north, the Gest Tract Trail (shown in light blue) begins at the end of Pelham Avenue and heads downhill from the back of the park to the corner of the upper parking area at the ballfields. The driveway provides access to the crosswalk to the swim club.

There are three trails south of Manoa Road. The Grange Trail (dirt with some paving, shown in light purple), combined with the Grange drive (shown in light blue), connects the southern and northern parts of Grove Place, offering access to the Grange Estate, with its historic buildings and grounds. There are additional small walking trails throughout the Grange woods. The other two trails are in a wooded area that is part of Philadelphia's Cobbs Creek Park, even though it is located in Haverford Township. From the bottom of the Grange drive, the dirt Carroll Park - West Trail (purple) heads downstream, ending below Township Line Road. From where Manoa Road passes over Cobbs Creek, the dirt and rock Carroll Park - East Trail (red) also heads south, along the west bank of the creek, stopping short of Township Line Road.

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